This game was made using Unity, and all assets including art, code, music and sound effects were created by us.

***WARNING: Volume may be loud

Inspired from the classic Y8 Game, Hot Dog Bush!

Play the role as various hawker shop owners in different areas of Singapore. Experience the different Singapore Cuisine by creating the dishes yourself and selling it to very hungry customers! You can play it in endless mode with a never ending stream of customers or you can go through our story mode where it brings you through each stages progressively.


  • All you need is your mouse to start clicking away! Interact with the tools and ingredients you have in the kitchen
  • Follow the customers' food orders and match them correctly
  • In the main menu, you can pick between endless or career mode
  • You can pick between the different stages in the level selection screen
  • Test yourself in endless mode on the various stages
  • Or fill the shoes of your local hawker stall owner and cook various Singaporean dishes in career mode

***The Coffee shop stage is currently unavailable but we do have plans to add it in later on.


  • Gideon Francis
  • Angie Lim
  • Sophie Tan
  • Sam Zi Qi
  • Alwin Moo (Last Minute additional member)

Special Thanks

  • Nurul Nisha (Voice lines)
  • Christopher Poon (Voice lines)
  • Abdul Raafiq (Voice lines)
  • Alvin Yeo (Voice lines)


Download 111 MB


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LOVE the voice acting!!

some handholding/tutorial would be nice

Hey, thanks for trying our game!

We had wanted to introduce a better tutorial build up but we had unfortunately ran out of time. 

We can look into adding a better tutorial build up in the career mode after our competition results has been announced.